Welcome to Wassererlebnis Öblarn 

The demonstration model "Wassererlebnis Öblarn" enables a unique awareness building for the function of the forest and the possibilities of protection against natural hazards for all age groups. For this purpose, a hydrological model reproduces the catchment area of the Walchenbach, the village of Öblarn and the retention areas at the Enns (see the following video; Copyright Klaus Bliem) 

Bedload and flood simulations raise awareness of the importance of the forest and proactive protection against natural hazards. A planned "Citizen Science Concept" for children, schoolchildren and adults also enables the preparation of didactic materials accompanied by experts as well as the coordinated design of the model operation. 


The model visitors are taught how and through which measures the negative effects of catastrophic events - such as in 2017 in the centre of Öblarn - can be reduced or avoided.




Wassererlebnis Öblarn is funded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management, the Province of Styria and the European Union as part of the Rural Development Programme (LE 14-20 / EAFRD). 

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